Benefits of Selling Events Tickets Online

Benefits of Selling Your tickets on SA Shops Platform.

  1. Availability

Your Tickets will be available to customers 24/7 for purchase. With a secure payment option at the comfort of their home.

  • Cost effective

If you’re using physical methods to sell tickets you could be picking away at your profits. Manually printing and distributing tickets individually can become very costly.

  • Time Efficient.

It won’t come as a surprise that purchasing online takes far less time than it does to send in taking orders over the phone, designing and printing tickets etc… At face value is easy to see how convenient ordering a product from your home is. It’s important to take note of all the “behind the scenes” admin work that goes into creating an event. The headaches come when it’s time to distribute tickets which as a process on its own, can take a very long time.

  • Get Ticket Buyers’ Email Addresses for Email Marketing

One of the most significant benefits of online ticket selling is the access that it gives event organizers to customer data. When you sell tickets in person, it’s unlikely that you’ll get any personal information from people who pay in cash and limited information from people who pay by credit card. However, when you sell tickets online, you can include a variety of data fields in the purchase form, which you can use for marketing later. This is particularly important if you hold your event repeatedly, such as annually.

For example, when you sell tickets online, you have to get the buyer’s email address so you can send their tickets and purchase confirmation to them. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote products, services, and even events today, so getting ticket buyers’ email addresses is incredibly important.

You can use their email addresses to remind them about the upcoming event, invite them to tell their friends about the event, remind them to complete their online purchase if they abandoned the online shopping cart before paying, and promote future events to them.

Admission Ticket
  • Online ticketing means you don’t have to worry about the weather

Online ticketing allows your customers to pre-purchase their tickets so you don’t have to worry about relying on sales on the day of your event.

Imagine it’s event day, there are black clouds covering the sky, its raining and worse still the temperature has dropped dramatically, now imagine how many people will decide to stay home warm and cosy – this isn’t going to help with your door sales.

That’s one of the greatest benefits of using an online ticketing system; people already have their tickets prior to your event, you already have the proceeds of the ticket sale, and you don’t have to worry about bad weather!

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