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Would like to Sell your Tickets Via SA Shops, Simply fill out your details below and our team will get in contact with you.

How will buyers get their tickets ?

After purchase, the buyer will get their tickets via email, which will confirm their purchase

How will i check who paid at my event?

Before your event start, we will send u a list of people who have purchased the tickets, the list will contain their Name, Surname, eMail address and other relevant information that you can use to check the guests in. In the meantime, we suggest you print the list out, and use a pen to check guest in. We are currently working on a mobile app that will be used to check guest in and we do away with the manual check in. 

How will i receive payments ?

Before we can list your event on our website, we will request your bank account to put your money into. Before or after the event.

What Info will we need from Event Organizers?

Events Info
1. Title of the Event
2. Short Description of the event. Eg What is about.
3. Dates and Time of the Events
4. Location of the event. (Please make sure the Venue can appear on Google)
5. Organizers Details. Name, Contact No. and email address.

Ticket Info
1. Type of Ticket.
2. Price
3. How many Tickets Available.
4. When will you like the tickets to be available? Immediately or after a certain date.
5. Need to collect information from your ticket buyers? Tell us what more you would like to collect from attendee. Eg Phone No., email, gender.


You will have to send it to events@sa-shops.co.za