SA Shops eMall Pty (Ltd). Reg: 2018/385504/07

How to register as a Vendor/ Seller online

On the Home page, on the top right hand side, you will see a “Sellers Dashboard”, Click on it and you will be presented with a Registration form to register as a vendor.

Enter all relevant details about your company representative. NB: Please make sure you have the correct email address as your orders will be sent to that email address.

After registration, you will be redirected to your Dashboard
Click on Settings on the left side.
And on the Settings Click on Shipping.

Then click on the highlighted text as shown on the picture below
After clicking on the highlighted text, a menu below will appear.
1. Check on “Enable Shipping” checkbox.

2. Click on the menu dropdown for “Processing Time” which will give you various shipping days. Please select the best days your shipping will take place.

3. “Shipping Policy” Text will appear for Buyers when calculating shipping costs, Please enter information regarding your type of shipping, be it PostNet or Pep2Pep(PiXa) policies.

4. On the “Ship from”, Please select “South Africa”. Scrolling further down
On the “Ship to” Select “South Africa” again (Please DO Not Enter any Amount as yet) and a new row should appear promnting you to enter the “State” (Province).
Under “State”, on the drop down, you will be presented with all 9 South African Provinces, please select the ones you wish to ship to.

The small + and – signs will let you add more provinces
On the left side under “Cost” please enter the shipping amount per Province.
When done Click on “Save Settings” button. All done with store wide shipping costs.

Now to add your products you will need to buy a subscription package that will enable you to add products. We have made a trial version for 15 Days which will enable you to add up to 3 of your products. Please scroll up on the current page you are in and click on “Back to Dashboard”. And Click on the “Subscription” Tab, Purchase a 15days trial package for free.

Now click on “Products” menu on the left and click on “Add Products” a pop up menu will appear to enter all the information regarding your products.
NB: On the “Settings” tab, you can enter The following Details
1. Your store Logo and Banner Image.
2. Your banking Details to transfer payments on to
3. Your Store Social Profiles.
Please enter this details to make your store much appealing to buyers.
Thank You and Welcome to SA Shops, South Africas First Online Mall. We are very glad that you are selling thru us.

If you have any quiries or experince any difficulties, please feel free to contact us
Via Call or Whatsapp : 083 207 3905
Please Connect with us Via Social media
Facebook : @SAShopsza
Twitter : @SA_Shops
Instagram :@SAShops_ZA