Meet Itumeleng Mosito, The Photographer

First Name: Itumeleng Mosito

Company Name: Itumeleng Mosito Designs

Location: Tembisa, Gauteng

Mobile Phone : 066 219 3334 / 0621747224(Whatsapp)



Social media Handles

Facebook: Dosky.Inc

Twitter: I_mosito

Instagram: Dosky.Inc


What work does your business do?

–  We specialize in Street photography, corporate, events family and portraiture photography. Often bringing the service to your destination to capture the perfect moment in the perfect and best comfortable place for our clients. We will be there with you every step of the way to guarantee the best memorable events.


What is your personal life mission?

– To try to change the world with the work that I am doing to touch and share memories once lived in my generation. The main aim is to share the knowledge I have acquired in myself taught journey. I want to more financial literate, have a healthy, happy free life where as I will be focusing on my dream of having a large studio and my very own TV show where I share my favorite African images and encouraging young ones to believe in their dreams. I want to leave a legacy for my kids with those beautiful images the old man took..hahaha Everything in life is greatly evolving so I wont only stick to photography but evolving into cinematography, videography and a motivational speaking sharing my journey and how you can become something beyond your measures


What inspired or motivated you to start your business?

– At an early age,14, I used to take pictures with my phone and print them for profits. I did that for almost two years. It got interesting, I received a lot of good feedback on how beautiful and cheap my services are. Michael Motlhabane, a wedding and event photographer in Maile kopman. He was the only one capturing moments and I wanted to get in competition with him but being a small fry I was, got cold feet because he was making the most but that didn’t stop me for starting something. Competition with him didn’t even start but a passion in me grew and I developed my own style and here I am today taking beautiful and memorable images


What makes your business beautiful and different?

– It is beautiful on its own, I am not doing it for the money, but I do what I love and money will follow. The statement above speaks volumes as I will put on an extra effort to make my clients happy, I do it out of love. Photography is a service, and a personal one at that. My clients are letting me into


their lives, and trusting me with some pretty big moments. The more I can give them reason to feel comfortable rendering my services, the better.





What steps have been critical in growing your business?

– I started as an outdoor photographer and was doing pretty well, I missed out on clients that wanted indoor photo shoots. I had no enough space to accommodate them and it let to customers doubting my abilities, growth and creativity. I had a deeper thought of it and raised more money with outdoors shoots together with my daily job which landed me with studio equipment. I now have a small studio where I create magic. That was not easy but I made it possible.


What have been some of your most memorable moments in business?

– Getting my first second hand camera, that was the beginning of a long journey because I have a lot to explore. My very first family shoot was a bit scary but worth it. I was sweating and nervous, that moment, I knew I was about to become the greatest version of me.


What are some of the hardest lessons you have learnt?

–  I  learn that business is all about risk and there will be moments that I have to sacrifice.

– I had a lovely client I was working with, I enjoyed every moments with them but I had to let them go because I was not making a living out of that and I was sacrificing a lot of time. I learnt that I have to let go of what is not working for business.

– Learnt to say NO.


Future plans?

yes, add more services like videos, promo videos, tutorials on how I take pictures.


What advice can you give to other entrepreneurs starting-out? 

– Believe in their craft, investing in their dreams, been persistent and gather all the information about the field they interested in.

– Don’t Stop Marketing!

– Don’t Do it Alone and Know the Competition

– Stay focused, keep your eye on the result you’re looking/intending/hoping for and don’t stop before the miracle.

– Business plans and research can be very valuable. But many new entrepreneurs spend so much time planning that they never really learn how their business is going to run.

– During the early stages, make sure to divide your time only 25% to planning and 75% to doing

– Entrepreneurs are often going it alone early in their endeavours, but the key to growing in success and doing so rapidly is realizing what you know and what you don’t know. Then, determine what you want and need to learn and find others to surround yourself with that can help with the rest. Isolation as an entrepreneur gives time for reflection, which is needed, but partnership and teamwork will lead to expanding the impact and difference that one’s efforts can make. Know when to ask for help.


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