Thabisile-The Village Girl


    Thabisile the village girl recites the life story of a young girl born and bred in a poverty-stricken village of Lubaleko in rural Eastern Cape. Thabisile was raised by both her parents in a not so functional family, her mother was a warm and loving mother who went to great lengths to ensuring her daughter’s bright future. Her father on the other hand was a cruel; cold hearted man who had been damaged by poverty, he spent his days complaining about the cruelty of life. The village of Lubaleko was notoriously known for grooming it’s young girls for marriage and they were to live for nothing else but that. Thabisile’s mother tried her best to go against the norm and send her daughter to school, but her husband found out about his wife’s plans and quickly found her an older man to marry. Marrying Thabisile off to a rich man had always been his get rich quick plan. Thabisile married the rich old man and a series of events started to unfold in Thabisile’s life, she found herself in a foreign city admitted in hospital after a fatal bus accident that she was believed to be the sole survivor of.