Face and Body Scrub


Moipone Aesthetics🌸🌺🌼
Use twice a week or as required.
🌼Ingredients: Coarse Sea Salt, Sorghum & Rooibos
🌺Use as an exfoliator and skin treatment.
🌼Health Benefits: Contains anti-oxidants, Vitamins B2 & C, Alphahydroxy acids, Amino Acids & Zinc, Protects against free radicals, Anti-inflammatory, Removes dead skin cells, Softens skin, Improves blood circulation, Balances oil production, Anti-bacterial, Helps prevent break outs & acne, Removes dry and callous skin, Anti-aging, Tightens skin, Treats sunburn, eczema & dryness, Soathes skin and & dryness, Reduces redness.