Multipurpose Hair and Body Creme Oil


🌸Suitable for daily use.
🌼Ingredients: ExtraVirgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Hemp Extracts, Emulsifying ointment, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Coconut Oil and Glycerine.
🌺Use as deep skin & hair treatment, to soothe dry and damaged skin, reduce the appearance of scars
🌼Health Benefits: Contains Omega-3 , Omega 6 & Essential Fatty Acids, Promotes healthy glow & new cell growth, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-aging, Anti-microbial, Fades blemishes, Hydrating, Prevents Stretch marks, Reduces pigmentation,Treats scalp infections, Stimulates Hair growth, Protects against sun damage and polution, Softens hair & skin, promotes luster & shine, Contains Anti-Oxidants, Protects skin, Prevents rashes, rosaces, hair breakage & split ends, treats dandruff, insect bites & lice, treats pimples, acne & blackheads, treats wrinkles fine lines, removes free radicals, rejuvenates skin, reduces itching, Reliefs puffiness, Swelling and Soreness, Treats